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The first thing we did was to check if the file had come from a valid source or not. Next, we removed all the additional spaces from the file. In the end, we wrote the success and error messages that would be fetched and shown by the error variable discussed earlier.

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This will allow you to choose a file. Ensure selecting a file with an acceptable extension. This will initiate the file upload in PHP. When the form is submitted, the file transfer will take place.

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If everything goes well, you will see fogyókúrás aranygaluska success message. But if an error occurs, you will see a relevant error message.

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You can set it to anything according to your preference. Note: The name of the file will be changed.

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The error messages will give you a hint about what error has occurred during the upload. However, you can use the below code to get the fogyókúrás aranygaluska and detailed reason.

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You can easily conquer the error by changing the configuration of the maximum file size key. Temporary Folder is Missing Sometimes you can encounter two types of folder errors. Finding the actual extension that caused the error might be tricky here, especially if you have uploaded multiple files with different extensions.

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Conclusion In this article, you learned everything about file upload in PHP with a simple example. You have also seen how to create client-side and server-side scripts to enable the file upload in PHP. Now, you can go ahead and try to upload multiple files with different file extensions and see how it goes. Also, attempt getting some errors intentionally to see how the error variable fetches and displays the igazi fogyás error message.

The tutorials will help you get acquainted with the basic concepts.

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